A. Getting your book printed

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Your Manuscript

Page Layout / Format:

  • We can accept manuscripts in most pc or mac-based software (but check with us before submitting your files), but our preference is for PDF files with fonts embedded.
  • There are no rules regarding the typeface or size of type you use; these are completely your choice. The most common font used is Times New Roman, set at 11 point size. The usual margin around each page is approximately 15mm.
  • It is generally accepted that odd numbered pages should be on the right hand side as you look at the open book. Similarly it is prefered that each new chapter starts on a right hand page, which may require the insertion of a blank page beforehand.
  • If you want a gap between each paragraph, insert automatic spacing (Alt O P E in Microsoft Word).
  • Be wary that a computer spell checker is no guarantee of correct spelling.
  • Do not manually hyphenate words at line breaks as these can move. Let your word processing application do it for you manually (Alt T L H in Microsoft Word).
  • A common mistake is the over use of capital letters, which should be reserved for proper nouns and the first word of each sentence. Try to avoid typing whole words in capital letters, and don’t over use bold and underlining as such styles can become difficult to read.
  • To indent paragraphs, use the Tab command rather than a series of spaces. And avoid the use of double spaces between sentences.
  • Titles of books, songs, films and so forth are generally denoted by the use of italics rather than inverted commas or speech marks.
  • Some software automatically defaults to American letter size pages (8.5” x 11”, approximately 216 x 280mm) rather than the ISO standard A4 size (210 x 297mm). You can check by using Alt F U and choosing the Paper option in Microsoft Word.

Book Sizes:

We can produce books in almost any size, but the following sizes are the most popular formats. Note, sizes denoted with an asterisk can be accessed within our online quoting tool. For other sizes, please call or email us for a quotation.

  • 134 x 197mm (Standard) *
  • 177 x 249mm (Pinched Crown Quarto)
  • 138 x 216mm (Demy) *
  • 189 x 246mm (Crown Quarto)
  • 148 x 210mm (A5) *
  • 219 x 276mm (Demy Quarto)
  • 156 x 234mm (Royal) *
  • 210 x 297mm (A4) *