• Graphics – anything that is not text (photos, illustrations, diagrams, tables/graphs, etc) – needs to be included within your manuscript. We can add these in for you, but this would incur an additional cost.
  • Pictures can be distributed throughout the book; they do not have to be grouped together. Colour images, where used within the book, can be saved in either CMYK or RGB colour.
  • Colour does add to the cost of printing and if you have a colour image on one side of a leave with just mono (black and white) on the other, we have to charge for two colour pages due to the nature of the printing process.
  • Supply the best quality graphics you are able to; ideally, colour graphics should be saved at a resolution of 300 dpi, greyscale at 600 dpi, and black and white line art should be in excess of 800 dpi. Our preferred file formats for graphics are tif, jpg, and eps, but we can work with most formats.
  • If you are scanning items to include, choose settings to match the resolutions detailed above. A lower setting is likely to result in poor print quality. We can scan artwork for you, but this would incur an additional cost.
  • It is very important that you do not use pictures, maps or images without the permission of whoever owns the copyright. Please note that you cannot copy from other sources (books, newspapers, the internet, etc.) without permission. We will always assume that any material supplied to us is used with the permission of the copyright holder, as we are not liable for any breach of copyright laws - it is the responsiblity of the author(s) of the work supplied to us to adhere to these laws.
  • Images from the internet may look crisp and clear on a screen but, generally, their size / quality will be too poor to print well.
  • Wherever artwork needs to extend to the outermost edges of the page it will require ‘bleed’. This allows for the pages to be trimmed and not show any blank areas between the image and the edge of the page. We prefer 3mm bleed to be added to any images that are to print to any page edge (for example, if your book size is A5 (148 x 210mm) and it is to have a full page picture, that picture would need to be printed at a size of 154 x 216mm. The 3mm of ‘bleed’ all round will be trimmed at the binding stage of production).

Cover Design

  • We offer a cover design service at an additional cost. Price on application.
  • If you are supplying your own cover file, it should be in PDF format and should adhere to all the graphic guidelines detailed in the above section.
  • The design must include the back, spine and front as one single file and should have a minimum of 3mm ‘bleed’. If your submitted cover is supplied at an incorrect size (or elements of it are not correct; eg. the spine being too wide or not wide enough) we may be able to fix it, but it will incur an additional cost.
  • The spine width can be calculated for you, or you can use our online spine calculator. Please call if you require assistance with this.
  • If you are unable to create a ‘one-piece’ pdf of your entire cover, but have the back, spine and front elements as individual files, we can put it together for you at an additional cost.

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